Oct 17, 2015

Getting The Perfect Shot!

Selfie Obsession
Selfie Obsession: 23 year old Charlotte Michaels admits that she takes up to 200 selfies per DAY...even worse, she stays awake until 3am to edit them - all for the PERFECT shot.

Dedication: Charlotte explains, 'I wake up every morning between 6am and 7am and usually then take an hour to do my make-up,' she says. 'Then I'm ready to plan my outfit - I often wear dark colours as they tend to complement me more in pictures. I will then head to class about 9am, usually I run late though as I start taking selfies by my bedroom window. When I get my lectures, I make sure to sit in a row that means I can capture as many selfies and Snapchat stories as possible.'

Different looks
Canon EOS 550D DSLR: "I'll retouch my make-up yet again, possibly experiment with different looks, and start searching online for inspiration.
I have a Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera as well, which I will often set up on a tripod and on a self-timer. I'll conduct little mini photoshoots in my bedroom, which can sometimes take hours and means I end up skipping dinner."

Not Ashamed
Not Ashamed: 'I could be walking in the middle of Oxford Street at Christmas season with my arm extended fully taking selfies, and the people will have to get out of my way,' she remarks. I've never shied away from taking selfies in any kind of situation, including a funeral or on the tube.'

Know more about Charlotte Jayne Michaels and her selfie obsession.
Know more about Charlotte Jayne Michaels and her selfie obsession.